Tyler Blankenship

  • Nickname: TyB
  • Hometown: Hanover, WV
  • Birthday: April 28, 1990


Tow truck operator by day and streamer by night. I am TyB of TyBtv. Check out all my content on Facebook www.facebook.com/tybtv44/ or my website tybtv44.com. I started racing when I was 20 in the dirt street stock division in a 74 Camaro. You think I hit the wall a lot in iRacing, you should have seen me my first two years of real racing. After destroying 2 Camaros and wasted tons of time and money I made contact with Brett Hamilton to build me a new car. It was right on the money and let me to many victories all over southern West Virginia. 17 wins out of 22 races to be exact. After a few years I tried to move up to the crate series and the open wheel mod series but didn't find as much passion or luck until I was introduced to iRacing. An online simulator would fill the void in my life, along with motion rig hardware for the seat of the pants feeling. Why not add cameras and lights. The passion for racing was alive and well again. Streaming the racing content and add the atmosphere from the viewers created a community that became my primary passion that focused on my second passion, racing.

  • Occupation: Entertainer
  • Relationship Status: Engaged
  • Family: Krystin Cashton Branson Brynlee Bryceton
  • Hobbies: Racing, Towing, Working, Filming
  • Car Number: 44
  • Racing Division: Street Stock Late Models
  • Years Racing: 12
  • Career Wins: 100+
  • Chassis: Brett Hamilton Rocket
  • Engine Builder: Alvin Bishop Engines
  • Team Owner: TyBtv
  • Crew Chief: Tim Giles
  • Pit Crew: Larry Kantoris Larry Ellis Zachary Scott Tim Giles
  • Favorite Track: Lizard Creek Speedway
  • Favorite Race: Shear the Beard

2012 Lizard Creek Street Stock Champion